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When two friends collaborate through their small business, magic happens ❤️

I’ve been so fortunate to meet pretty incredible women along my journey through Happy Little Mother. Sanae and I crossed paths at a local market, and for me, it was love at first sight... and scent🕯️ Sanae is an extraordinary human in this world of perfumery. I call her a magic scientist in this world of dreamers. With so many vials of oils, she creates some of the most intoxicating scents.

I was first a customer of hers, and then we stumbled upon a conversation about bringing one of her candles into the Happy Little Mother line. It was the first scent I fell head over heels for, Ti Amo.

Nearing the new year, we landed on making the lovely scent part of the LOVE MONTH drop. With notes of Red Currents, Sandalwood, Sea Salt, and Vanilla, it’s truly a scent that will captive your heart too ❤️

Happy Little Mother™ Ti Amo Candle

  • Notes of red currents, sea salt, sandalwood, and vanilla

    2.5 ounce votive

    Hand-poured in ruby red glass that has been engraved, allowing light to flicker through.

    Clean fragrance oils with soy wax + cotton wicks

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