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Aspen Luzier


Why Mother? Why Rainbows?

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My Story

Aspen Luzier, a mother of two kind humans and wife to a touring musician, knows all too well what it looked like to give up her industry career for the sake of being a "Happy Little Mother." As she wouldn't go back to change a single thing, she also was awakened by the hit of 2020.


As we all sat in solitude, isolated from the world in which we created for ourselves, Aspen had a shift in her motherly routine. To be blunt, school was canceled, touring was canceled, and her workload as a mother and wife seemed endless. But with her husband home, swooping into the father role he could never indeed be when touring, it gave her space to find her identity again.


Aspen, at a young age, was a creator by heart. Having a tough childhood, creating is what kept her daydreaming of a colorful, limitless, abundant world. So, as it would seem right when 2020 came knocking, she seamlessly fell right in line with her rainbow-creating, inner child.


At the pandemic's beginning, Aspen found so much joy creating with her kids. While using social media to share their projects, she nudged the idea of creating a product that she and her kids could sell. They would spend their day's tie-dyeing up the most beautiful fabrics and come night; she would cut the fabric into bandannas and cross-stitch "MOTHER" onto each one.


Happy Little Mother .com organically made full circle, and after bandannas came handmade jewelry. Aspen flourished into creating her staple piece, the original hand-stamped MOTHER Tag Necklace, which launched Mother's Day 2020.


As time is a constant, so is the importance of branding her identity in a seemingly saturated market. By doing so, authenticity to her inner child will remain true throughout her creations. In an abundant world of peace and love, Aspen knows this place is unlocked within, and from her craft of Happy Little Mother, it's her mission to help others find their rainbow and keep it close to their heart too.

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