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Inspired by the raw behaviors of Mother Nature, met with music, I give to you, the Marshall in two colorways. Mixed with rough cut opals, turquoise, and gold-filled metals.


Remember, Opals are a soft stone, so you must take care when wearing yours. A few simple rules will help your Opals stay as fiery as the day you got them:

Keep away from water!

Don't wear opals while working out and sweating.

Opals will soak up the oils from your skin.

Refrain from extreme temperature changes.


With these mindful acts, your opals will stay clear and full of fire.



Opals are porous precious stones; they're very susceptible to soaking up oils, lotions, and even water. When caring for and/or wearing your opal keep in mind that they are not suited to everyday wear.


Marshall Choker

Out of Stock
  • 12.5” Necklace + 3.5" Extention

    Can be worn as small as 12.5" and as large as 16"

    Rough Cut Opal + Turquoise

    Earth and Bone Options

    Gold-Filled Metals

    Handmade by Mother

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