This Daydreamer Necklace was the start of our Kaleidoscope Collection.


Are you a MOTHER? Are you a FATHER? Are you a PEACEKEEPER? Are you a DAYDREAMER like me? Are you simply trying to exist in a world where color and laughter exists, JOY!

Well, make this piece personal to YOU! 


To the core of Happy Little Mother's happiness, she lives in a colorful world of imagination, dream, wonder, and wishes.


As a reminder of this place of fulfillment and peace, I was inspired to create a necklace that just felt like a smile around my neck… insert The Kaleidoscope Daydreamer Necklace 🎡 A piece all about elevating your current state. 


Hey, we all can use that little pick-me-up nowadays!


On my table lies a beautiful array of muted rainbow colors, rare vintage beads, roller beads, evil eyes, and a beautiful assortment of freshwater pearls and golden hearts. A color pallet for any season! Perfect for that little reminder to stay true to your authentic self.


In the tab above insert your personalized word. Every piece is made to order.


Item will come with a signature Happy Little Mother suede wrap.


The Daydreamer Necklace

Out of Stock
  • * 13" + 7" Extension

    * Gold Filled Chain

    * Beads Include: Mother Of Pearls, Glass Beads, Vintage Crow Bead, Gold-Filled Puff Heart, Gold-Filled Bubble Beads, Glass Letter Beads

    * Made in Nashville