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Make Her Happy Every Day

Selecting the perfect jewelry for that special woman in your life doesn't have to be difficult. Whether looking for gold, diamonds, customer jewelry or fine jewelry, Happy Mother has your desires covered. With a few tips, making her day happy is a breeze.

Select for Skin Tone

Believe it or not, skin tone has a lot to do with what type of metal looks best on a woman's skin. Those with warm skin tones may notice their veins appear to be greenish colored. These individuals look best wearing classic yellow or rose gold colors. Stones that accent this skin include Garnet, Peridot and rubies.

Those with bluish veins are considered cool tone people. Platinum and white gold look best on these women and a wise choice for stone selections include Blue Sapphires, Emeralds and Opals.If that special woman in your life has neutral skin tone, she will look awesome in almost any metal shade or stone. She is the lucky one!

Select for Life Style

Is that special lady an outdoors type , more sophisticated or laid back? Lifestyle should be considered when choosing the perfect style. The natural outdoor woman might prefer a piece that incorporates leather or jewelry with a nature theme such as seashells. Zodiac signs might also fit into her lifestyle. For the more sophisticated lady, diamonds and pearls will make a strong statement as will rich gold colors. The laid back type might prefer something more fun with hearts or a hippie theme. Happy Mother has all of these options just a click or phone call away!

Select for Season of Life

Choices and preferences change as we age. Is that special lady younger and still in the experimentation stage? Zodiac Chains and Tarot Card Necklaces may be the perfect fit. For the matching new Mom and Grandma, consider matching Mother Tags. Or yet create a child initial bracelet for each of her children! Is she a true professional looking for a work accent piece? How about choosing the Connection Necklace for a workplace vibe. The U Shaped Choker is another excellent professional option. For the more religious woman, there are many choices. Consider the Mini Cross or the Pave Diamond Cross Necklace.

Jewelry can be fun or serious, fanciful or statement making. Whatever Mother's needs, Happy Mother can make her day better with the right piece! Whether a ring, earrings, or necklace, we have what she wants. We can even tailor a piece suited to her individual style and needs. Contact us today to make the woman in your life happy, every day of hers!

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